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. . . . The Regulatory Information Service Center (RISC) was created in June 1981. The Center undertakes projects that will facilitate development of and access to information about Federal regulatory and deregulatory activities. It accomplishes this by gathering and publishing information on Federal regulations and their effects on society. continued...

Global Warming
. . .'Past time to stop the madness of wasting great sums of money on EPA's imaginary threat' continued...

August 11, 2014 --
Mexico 'Round Zero' set for Wednesday
Mexico, in a surprise move, will reveal this week how the country's rich oil and gas acreage will be divided following energy reforms, laying out which areas will be retained by state-led Pemex and what will be made available to international players. continued...

June 17, 2014 -- Rob Gillies -- Toronto (AP)
Canada OKs oil pipeline to the Pacific Coast
. . . . Approval for Enbridge's Northern Gateway project was expected as Canada needs infrastructure in place to export its growing oil sands production. The project's importance has only grown since the U.S. delayed a decision on TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline that would take oil from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast. continued...

Posted June 6, 2014 -- March 31, 2014 -- Jen Wieczner @FortuneMagazine
Time to invest in Russia?
. . . . They weren't the only ones to find Russia alluring. By December 2013, American institutions had poured more than $37 billion into Russia, nearly double what they had invested in the country just three years earlier, according to eVestment. The number of new owners in Russian grocery store chain Magnit had grown 200% from the previous quarter, according to Morningstar. "We just didn't know what Russia was going to do two months ago. We just didn't know," explained Nico Marais, head of multi asset investments at Schroders, while addressing journalists at a recent event in New York. continued...

June 03, 2014 -- Nicolas Loris -- The Daily Signal
Climate Change Is a Fact. But These New Regulations Won't Help the Environment
Draft regulations released Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency could cut carbon dioxide from existing power plants by 30 percent. Such a drastic cut will amount to a massive energy tax devoid of any benefit.
President Obama warned us it was coming, when he said in in 2008 that electricity prices would "necessarily skyrocket" under his cap-and-trade proposal. And when our elected officials rejected that, he said there was more than one way to skin the cat.
But now he's singing a different tune. Promoting the regulations, Obama said, "Your electricity bills will shrink as these standards spur investment in energy efficiency, cutting waste, and ultimately, we're going to be saving money for homes and for businesses." continued...

June 9, 2012 -- Derek Hunter --
Electricity Bills Are About to 'Necessarily Skyrocket'
Senator Barack Obama
In January of 2008, then Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama, talking about his energy plan, told the San Francisco Chronicle, "When I was asked earlier about the issue of coal…under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket…" He wasn't kidding. continued...

May 28, 2014 -- Euan Mearns --
Merkel Snubs Global Warming And Dumps The Solar Industry
Germany’s Angela Merkel, nicknamed the Mutter for “Mother” of a successful Germany who got herself re-elected, is said by Berlin daily ‘TAZ’ to have already decided she will not attend the Ban Ki-Moon-initiated UN climate conference in New York this September. The paper says this was “confirmed by a government spokesman“. If so, Merkel’s decision to snub the event is likely another sign that efforts to implement present climate agreements, and forge new ones are already dead in the water
This brought to a conclusion the state's 'one-stop-shop' approval process for new power plants that included an eight-week hearing last year after five years of liaison with community leaders continued...

May 14, 2014 -- World Nuclear Association
Turkey Point expansion gets Florida state approval
Approval for two new reactors at Turkey Point and the required transmission lines has been granted by Florida state authorities.
State governor Rick Scott and a majority of cabinet members voted in favour of the new nuclear project yesterday, approving at the same time a route for new transmission lines that had been contested by some city officials.
This brought to a conclusion the state's 'one-stop-shop' approval process for new power plants that included an eight-week hearing last year after five years of liaison with community leaders continued...

May 2, 2014 --
Cheniere costs drop
New York-listed Cheniere Energy has had a stable quarter, with a slight improvement in the company’s financial position. continued...

May 1, 2014 --
Senate bill to push for Keystone approval
A group of US senators introduced legislation on Thursday that that would force congressional approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.
The move is the latest effort by US lawmakers to breathe life into TransCanada's long-delayed project, a decision on which the White House has repeatedly delayed."Agencies need additional time based on the uncertainty created by the ongoing litigation in the Nebraska Supreme Court which could ultimately affect the pipeline route in that state," the statement said. continued...

May 1, 2014 --
Senate bill to push for Keystone approval
A group of US senators introduced legislation on Thursday that that would force congressional approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.
The move is the latest effort by US lawmakers to breathe life into TransCanada's long-delayed project, a decision on which the White House has repeatedly delayed."Agencies need additional time based on the uncertainty created by the ongoing litigation in the Nebraska Supreme Court which could ultimately affect the pipeline route in that state," the statement said. continued...

May 1, 2014 --
Imperial Oil profits on prices
Canada’s Imperial Oil increased net income by 19% to $946 million in the first quarter as realised prices jumped and production ramped up at the Kearl oil sands project.
The Calgary-heaquartered integrated oil company, which is majority owned by ExxonMobil, raised production by 46,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day during the quarter to average 330,000 boepd.
"Agencies need additional time based on the uncertainty created by the ongoing litigation in the Nebraska Supreme Court which could ultimately affect the pipeline route in that state," the statement said. continued...

April 22, 2014 --
Shale gale expected in US
Shale expected to be real revenue raiser for companies this year, according to a global industry survey. continued...

April 21, 2014 --
Profits dip for Halliburton
Halliburton saw a dip in first-quarter profits as the oilfield services giant was hit by lower Latin America activity while operating income remained flat in North America despite overall higher revenue. continued...

April 21, 2014 --
Another delay for Keystone XL decision
The Obama administration has again delayed a decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in a move that will likely push the final call until after the mid-term Congressional elections in November.
In a brief statement on the Good Friday bank holiday last week, the US State Department said it would give more time to several agencies tasked with weighing in on the pipeline's impact on the US' "national interest".
"Agencies need additional time based on the uncertainty created by the ongoing litigation in the Nebraska Supreme Court which could ultimately affect the pipeline route in that state," the statement said. continued...

April 17, 2014 --
EPA Breaches Legal Commitment to Issue Final 316(b) Cooling Water Rule
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) failed to issue a final rule governing power plant cooling water by April 17 as agreed with environmental groups. In court papers, the agency instead stated its intention to complete the rulemaking by May 16, 2014. continued...

April 9, 2014 --
Seplat launches $500m IPO
Nigerian independent is pushing for a market capitalisation of nearly $2 billion as it begins trading on the London and domestic bourses on Wednesday. continued...

April 8, 2014 --
Panel set to debate LNG export bill
A US Congressional panel was scheduled to begin marking up proposed legislation to automatically approve all exports of liquefied natural gas to World Trade Organisation countries and to greenlight all pending projects. continued...

February 12, 2014 --
Documentary blasts fracking mythmakers
Both environmentalists and journalists are to blame for spreading false fears about hydraulic fracturing, the maker of a new documentary about the controversial completion process has said. continued...

February 11, 2014 --
US clears sixth LNG project
Regulators at the US Department of Energy have approved Sempra Energy's plan to export liquefied natural gas to non-free trade agreement countries, the sixth such project cleared by the US.
The facility in coastal Louisiana would have capacity of 12 million tonnes per annum comprised of three 4 million tpa trains. Shares of Sempra were up nearly 1% in New York.

February 7, 2014 --
Chesapeake says cold hurting output
US gas giant Chesapeake Energy said on Thursday that unusually cold weather across much of the country was hurting its output.
The comments from chief executive Doug Lawler came as spot prices for natural gas spiked to the highest levels since 2008, Reuters reported. continued...

February 6, 2014 --
Dems seek analysis on crude exports
The US public deserves to know how lifting the country's decades-old ban on crude oil exports would affect gasoline prices, two Democratic US Senators said on Thursday, calling for a "comprehensive analysis" of the issue.
Senator Ron Wyden, the chairman of the senate's energy committee, and senator Maria Cantwell, from Washington state, asked the Energy Information Administration for details about how allowing unlimited oil exports would impact domestic energy supplies and costs, Reuters reported. continued...

February 04, 2014 --
Permits 'fuel debate' on US oil export ban
The US government has reportedly granted permits for crude exports to European countries for the first time in years as lobbying pressure grows to reverse a decades-long export ban amid a tight oil glut due to the shale boom.
The Department of Commerce has issued two licences for exports to the UK and another two to Italy since last year for crude sales worth a total of nearly $5 billion, with an application filed last month for German exports worth $2.6 billion still pending, Reuters reported, citing official data. continued...

February 04, 2014 --
LNG Ltd signs EPC MOU
Australian player Liquefied Natural Gas Limited has offered an engineering, procurement and construction to SK Engineering and Construction (SK E&C) for work on its Magnolia LNG plant in Louisiana.

February 04, 2014 --
Rosneft ramps up net profit
Russian oil giant Rosneft’s annual net profit has risen by 51% as production from newly integrated assets rocketed production up by 80%.
The Moscow-headquartered state oil company garnered 551 billion rubles ($15.62 billion) in 2013 on revenues of around 4.69 trillion rubles.

February 04, 2014 --
Chief unveiled for Noble Corp spinoff
Noble Corporation has named former Hercules Offshore chief Randall Stilley to lead the spinoff of its standard-spec rig business, which has been named Paragon Offshore.
Stilley is a 38-year industry veteran, particularly of the Gulf of Mexico shelf rig business and led Hercules from 2004 to 2008.

February 03, 2014 --
Halliburton teams up for Russia shale research
US-based oilfield services giant Halliburton is partnering up with the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil & Gas to help advance development of unconventional resources in Russia such as the mammoth Bazhenov shale. continued...

February 03, 2014 --
AEU reveals Utica acreage buys
Aubrey McClendon’s American Energy Utica (AEU) has doubled its position in the Utica shale play with the purchase of acreage from ExxonMobil and others.
The company, through affiliate American Energy Partners, has snapped up approximately 130,000 combined net acres from the US supermajor, compatriot independent giant Hess and privately-owned Paloma Partners, it said on Monday. continued...

January 31, 2014 --
Keystone report raises pressure on Obama to approve pipeline

Pressure for President Barack Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline increased on Friday after a State Department report played down the impact it would have on climate change, irking environmentalists and delighting the project's proponents. continued...

January 31, 2014 --
3 Factors Shape Obama’s Decision on Keystone XL Pipeline

A new report outlining the potential environmental effects of the polarizing Keystone XL pipeline project leaves the door open to a decision either way by the Obama administration, despite positive spin from both advocates and detractors.

January 31, 2014 -- National Geographic
State Department Keystone Pipeline Report Finds Little Impact on Carbon Emissions

The State Department released its final environmental impact statement Friday.
A long-awaited analysis by the U.S. Department of State concluded Friday that there are no environmental impacts that should bar construction of the proposed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to Texas.

January 30, 2014 --
Toho to buy gas from Cameron LNG

Toho Gas has entered into an agreement with fellow Japanese company Mitsui to purchase liquefied natural gas from the Cameron LNG project in the US.
Toho revealed that it had reached a deal to buy 300,000 tonnes of LNG per annum over a 20-year period once the project starts.
...Sempra Energy is building the 12 million tpa LNG terminal on the Louisiana coast which will consist of three 4 million tpa trains.

January 27, 2014 --
Opec's UAE 'could import US gas'

The United Arab Emirates, a Gulf Opec oil producer, said it was looking at the possibility of importing natural gas from North America, in what would be one of the most striking developments since the start of the US shale boom, according to a report.

January 24, 2014 --
Pemex, Lukoil in co-operation deal

Mexico state oil company Pemex has signed onto a co-operation agreement with Russian player Lukoil for exploration and production as the Central American country works to woo investors following landmark energy reforms last year. continued...

January 23, 2014 --
Shell faces Alaska 'drilling hurdle'

A three-judge panel of the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals decided on Wednesday that the US Interior Department wrongly awarded the oil leases off Alaska without considering the full range of environmental risks from drilling in the Arctic, Reuters reported.

January 23, 2014 --
Gazprom posts rise in profits

Russian state-controlled gas giant Gazprom saw profits rise over the first nine months of 2013 as increased sales helped lift revenue. Profit for the nine months to 30 September totalled 876.3 billion rubles ($25.7 billion), compared to the 846.6 billion ruble profit booked during the same period a year earlier.

January 22, 2014 --
Natural Gas up 5%

US natural gas futures rose 5% to their highest level since July 2011 on Wednesday as frigid temperatures continued to bolster heating demand in key consuming regions. continued...

January 22, 2014 --
Crude gains on Keystone opening

TransCanada said it has begun to ship crude oil on its 700,000 barrel per day pipeline, which flows from Cushing, Oklahoma, the pricing point for the New York Mercantile Exchange's West Texas Intermediate contract, to Gulf Coast refiners. The company expects to transport an average 525,000 bpd in the first year of service. continued...

Rejoice. There is no inflation! No need to raise wages! No need to stop printing money!
January 16, 2014 -- MarketWatch
NSW Exports 30% More Coal To China

Since the financial crisis erupted just over five years ago, consumer prices in the United States have risen at a 1.2% annual rate, the slowest inflation rate since the early 1960s, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released today.
Inflation certainly isn’t raging out of control, as many predicted it would when the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration took decisive action to stem the crisis. But inflation isn’t totally quiescent, either. continued...

January 16, 2014 --
NSW Exports 30% More Coal To China

New export data shows China’s demand for NSW coal has increased significantly over the last financial year, cementing its place as the second largest market for the state’s coal exports and defying predictions from some commentators that demand for NSW coal would wane in the world’s most populous nation. continued...

January 16, 2014 --
Rio Tinto's record output another sign of shifting luck for miners

Rio Tinto (ASX, LON:RIO) has given investors fresh reasons to smile as the world’s second-largest miner beat its 2013 cost-cutting targets and reported Thursday record high output of iron ore, coal and other minerals. continued...

January 7, 2014
December Employment:
Nonfarm payroll jobs up 74,000
Civilian labor force up 455,000
Employed down 347,000
Unemployment down .3 = 6.7
Employment-Population Ratio unc. at 58.6%
Americans are giving up looking for work..

December 31, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Ushered in With New Year

Incandescent light bulbs, which have been in use in the United States for more than a century, are on their way out in the new year. The federal government has prohibited their manufacture and import starting Wednesday.
The latest ban covers 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs. The 100-watt and 75-watt varieties had already been phased out. The bans were signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2007 as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act. continued...

December 30, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Oil train bursts into flames after collision

A train carrying crude oil in North Dakota collided with another train on Monday, setting off a series of explosions that left at least 10 cars ablaze, the latest in a string of incidents that have raised alarms over growing oil-by-rail traffic, according to reports by Reuters.
Local residents heard five powerful explosions just a mile outside of the small town of Casselton after a westbound train carrying soybeans derailed, and an eastbound 104-car train hauling crude oil ran into, local officials were reported as saying. continued...

December 30, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Shell closes on Parque das Conchas stake

Shell has closed on a $1 billion purchase from Petrobras of an additional 23% stake in the Parque das Conchas field in Brazil's Campos basin. continued...

December 30, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Beloyarsk 4 criticality soon

Commissioning is about to start at Russia's forthcoming fast reactor, Beloyarsk 4. After a lengthy construction period, engineers are preparing for criticality in April 2014.
The unit will be a 789 MWe fast-neutron reactor of the BN-800 design, fuelled by a mix of uranium and plutonium oxides arranged to produce new fuel material as it burns. The electricity will go to the central Sverdlovsk region of Russia, where regional governor Yevgeny Kuyzashev said it would support industrial investment. continued...

December 26, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Russian outfit signs exploration deal with Syria

Russian oil company Soyuzneftegaz has reportedly signed an exploration agreement with the Syrian government covering offshore areas in the Mediterranean Sea. continued...

December 26, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Shell extends option for Penn. ethane cracker

Anglo-Dutch supermajor Shell has extended its option to buy land in the US state of Pennsylvania that is the proposed site for an ethane cracker that would use production from the Marcellus shale as feedstock. continued...

December 24, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Green light for HRT's Polvo buy from BP

Chief executive Milton Franke said the Campos basin acquisition put the exploration-focused Brazilian independent on to the oil production stage. continued...

December 23, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Gazprom ‘wants third train for Sakhalin-2’

The giant Sakhalin-2 liquefied natural gas project off eastern Russian looks set to go from two to three trains after local gas monopoly Gazprom approved an expansion, according to a report.
Gazprom boss Alexei Miller met with Peter Voser, chief executive of the other major partner in the project, Shell, in Moscow and discussed the deal, Reuters reported. continued...

December 23, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Rosneft takes Sibneftegas

Rosneft has gotten its hands on Sibneftegas after agreeing an asset swap deal with Novatek. continued...

December 11, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Mexico gives reform general approval

Mexico’s Senate has given general approval for a draft energy reform bill that would allow international players to invest in what is seen as one of the hottest Latin American oil markets. continued...

December 10, 2013 -- upstreamonline
CB&I JV bowls strike with Freeport LNG win

A joint venture between CB&I and Zachry Industrial has been awarded two contracts totalling $5 billion to provide engineering, procurement and construction work on the Freeport gas-liquefaction project in south Texas. continued...

December 10, 2013 -- upstreamonline
CB&I JV bowls strike with Freeport LNG win

Australian mining giant BHP Billiton said on Tuesday that it plans to invest around $4 billion annually in its US shale operations for the next four years and expects the business to start generating nearly $3 billion per year in cash proceeds by the end of the decade.
BHP, the biggest investor in US onshore oil and gas, will spend about $5.5 billion on oil and gas a year in a bid to boost its petroleum business, according to reports. continued...

December 10, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Consol Energy, Noble Energy acquire Marcellus patch

US independents Consol Energy and Noble Energy have agreed to acquire the gas exploration rights on 90,000 acres in West Virginia held by Dominion Resources in a deal worth around $190 million. continued...

December 10, 2013 -- upstreamonline
Canada files ownership claim over North Pole

Canada has filed a preliminary submission to the United Nations laying claim to the North Pole ahead of lodging a full ownership claim over the resource-rich remote territory, reports have said.
Speaking to reporters in Ottawa, Foreign Minister John Baird said that "obtaining international recognition for the outer limits of our continental shelf ... will be vital to the future development of Canada's offshore resources". continued...

December 6, 2013 -- James M. Taylor, J.D.
Polar Ice Caps Are Global Warming Deniers

Northern Hemisphere polar ice extent to set the final stages of a year marked by above-average global polar ice extent. Polar ice caps, apparently, are global warming deniers, attacking the science of alarmist global warming predictions.
Average Southern Hemisphere polar sea ice extent during November 2013 was nearly 1 million square kilometers above the long-term average. continued...

November Employment:
Nonfarm payroll jobs up 203,000
Civilian labor force up 455,000
Employed up 818,000
Unemployment gown .3 = 7.0
Employment-Population Ratio up .3 to 58.6%
Employment hit a high point 146,595,000 in November of 2007. It declined to 142,187,000 in January 2009 and hit a low point of 138,401,000 nine months later in November. In November it was 144,386,000
Unemployment was 4.2% at the end of the .com bubble in January of 2001 when President Bush took office. It rose to 7.7% by January 2009. It reached a high of 10.1 in October of 2009. In November it was 7.0
Employment & Population Ratio
Roughly 63% of the population was employed until June of 2007 and the ratio of employed has steadily declined since then. In November it was 58.6
We give you the numbers -- You do the math.

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The 10 best states:
1. Wyoming
2. South Dakota
3. Nevada
4. Alaska
5. Florida
6. Washington
7. Montana
8. New Hampshire
9. Utah
10. Indiana
The 10 worst states:
41. Maryland
42. Connecticut
43. Wisconsin
44. North Carolina
45. Vermont
46. Rhode Island
47. Minnesota
48. California
49. New Jersey
50. New York
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What is the secretive
Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Economic Freedom of the World
1 Hong Kong
2 Singapore
3 New Zealand
4 Switzerland
5 Australia
6 Canada
7 Bahrain
8 Mauritius
9 Finland
10 Chile
11 United Arab Emirates
12 Ireland
12 United Kingdom
14 Estonia
15 Taiwan
16 Denmark
17 Qatar
18 United States
Economic Freedom of the World: 2012 Annual Report

The UN wants to take your rights and your money.

ICLEI - UN plan to rule the world.

UN Small Arms Control
UN Law of the Sea
UN Rights of Persons with Disabilities UN Rights of the Child

Control of World Oil
US Terrorism

How can we destroy the US economy?
Seven Priorities for EPA's Future

Rebuild America!
Stop importing oil from Middle East & Venezuela.
Approve 2008 ConocoPhillips oil drilling plans.
Approve 2007 Keystone pipeline plans.
End all energy subsidies.
Fast track power plants: nuclear, wind, water, oil...
Permanently end cap & trade carbon tax schemes.
Guarantee energy bonds to successful companies.
Produce more energy -- Export coal.
End the ethanol for fuel -- Export corn.
Stop Financial foreign aid -- Send corn & wheat.

5 Best Countries To Start A Business In
1. New Zealand Rank last year: 1
2. Australia Rank last year: 2
3. Canada Rank last year: 3
4. Singapore Rank last year: 4
5. Hong Kong Rank last year: 6
INC Magazine

Best countries for paying taxes
1. Maldives
2. Quatar
3. Hong Cong
4. Singapore
5. Ireland
8. Canada
72. United States
The World Bank

12 Fastest Growing Economies of 2011
By: KeithTimimi Date: December 9, 2010
Ghana   -   20.146 %
Qatar   -   14.337 %
Turkmenistan - 12.178 %
China   -   9.908 %
Liberia   -   9.003 %
India   -   8.43 %
Angola   -   8.251 %
Iraq   -   7.873 %
Ethiopia   -   7.663 %
Mozambique   -   7.548 %
Timor Leste   -   7.4 %
Laos   -   7.395 %

The Great Global Warming Scam:
Oct 2012 -- Global warming stopped 16 years ago
Jan 2012 -- No Need to Panic About Global Warming
Jun 2011 -- Earth may be headed into mini Ice Age
Apr. 2011 -- NASA: warming trends caused by sun
Oct. 2010 -- Hal Lewis: Global Warming is a Scam
Oct. 2010 -- CA finds 340% diesel pollution error
Aug. 2010 -- InterAcademy Council investigation
Aug. 2010 -- "nations could be wasting billions"
Feb. 2010 -- Jones: "no global warming since 1995"
Feb. 2010 -- China: problems with IPCC documents.
Jan. 2010 -- Himalayan glaciers are not melting.
Dec. 2009 -- Gore: (email) "was from 10 years ago"
2009 -- Carbon Markets are a Sham
2009 -- The Infamous HARRY_READ_ME file
March 2009 -- EPA supresses CEI critique
2009 -- East Anglia's Climatic Research fraud
2007 -- Holdren "Global warming is a misnomer,"
2007 -- NASA's Goddard calculation errors
2003 -- The Mann/NOA IPCC Hockey Stick Hoax
-18000 -- Mile high Hudson Valley glaciers retreat

Proposed "budget"/fy/2012
Appendix Fiscal Year 2010

What would a $1 billion dollar bill look like?

World wide energy production is booming.
65 countries are building or planning to build nuclear power plants.

Global Growth of Nuclear

China National Nuclear Corporation and China Huaneng Group have started building the second 650 MWe Changjiang unit on Hainan island, due to be operational in mid 2015. (4 years)
Two more 700 MWe reactors under construction in India. They are expected to take 60 months to start-up, and a further six months to commercial operation. (5 years)
In the US "it is expected that 4-6 new units may come on line by 2018" (8 years)
China is adding one coal power plant each week!

Nuclear Renaissance Blossoms -- Without the USA
This summer China surpassed the United States as the world's largest producer of energy. What was noteworthy, however, is not what China has accomplished over the past 10 years -- doubling its energy capacity -- but what it is planning for its future.
Under construction now in China are 23 nuclear reactors, many originally of American design. The Chinese are building four Westinghouse AP1000s -- a model our Nuclear Regulatory Commission has not even approved yet. On the drawing boards are at least 30 more projects. By 2020, China's nuclear complex will be more than half the size of the U.S.'s aging fleet of 104. more
October 2010 -- William Tucker -- American Spectator

October 25, 2010 "We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back."
June 14, 2008 "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,"

The Apollo Alliance
The Apollo Alliance is a powerful coalition of unions like the SEIU, along with “Social Justice” groups like ACORN and it’s myriad of underlings…(the largest radical group in America, with more than 400,000 dues-paying member families , and more than 1,200 chapters in 110 U.S. cities.)
The Alliance is united by their collective belief that America is a chief source of worldwide “environmental disruption, rising social inequity, and … fundamentalist anger.” Apollo Alliance’s endorsing organizations and partners include Greenpeace, the League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Wildlife Federation, the Rainforest Action Network, the Sierra Club, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and, of course, ACORN. Apollo Alliance’s National Steering Committee and National Advisory Board members include, among others, Robert Borosage, Carl Pope of the Sierra Club, Julian Bond of the NAACP, Gerry Hudson of the Service Employees International Union, and U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. Apollo Alliance has also received strong support from the socialist Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, and from Hillary Rodham Clinton. more..

"no more taxpayer-funded bailouts. Period."
President Obama signing financial reform measure. July 21, 2010
The goyernment has NO money! All epenses and bailouts are, directly or indirectly, paid for by taxpayers!
Electric cars are coming!
Save the planet! Use clean electric energy!
The truth. US electricity comes from:
"Fossil" fuel: 71.2%
        Coal: 48.7%
        Petroleum: 1.1%
        Natural Gas: 21.4%
"Green" fuel: 25.8%
        Nuclear: 19.7%
        Hydro: 6.1%
        Sun/Wind: 3%
AND, electricity is expensive!

Basics of Global Control through Climate Control:
Global Governance: Agenda 21
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Division for Sustainable Development
Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992.
Agenda 21 - text

October 06, 2009
U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah
The Department of the Interior has frozen oil and gas development on 60 of 77 contested drilling sites in Utah,
Reasons included possible damage to the habitat of sage grouse, which is being considered for endangered species protection, and to avoid dust and noise pollution associated with drilling operations.
Jobs killed:
Engineering - determining hole locations
Construction - Access roads Onsite offices & storage
Manufacturing - Drill rigs Pipes & fittings Drill bits
Office - On-site & headquarters
Government - Site inspectors
Food service - On-site meals
Housing - Housing for new employees
Trucking -- Crude to refinery
Retail - Sales to new employees
Taxes & royalties lost
Lease income
Corporate income taxes
Employee income taxes
Employee sales taxes
Sales taxes on petroleum products
Thousands of potential jobs are killed through government regulations and restrictions.
Many existing jobs will be lost through the coming health care and cap & trade bills.
Memorable quotes:
"I'm trying to save the planet" -- Nancy Pelosi: July 29, 2009
"we have to pass the bill, so you can see what's in it..." -- Nancy Pelosi: March 10, 2010
"If the United States leads, China will follow" Al Gore. -- July 8, 2009

Energy divided by taxes and regulation equals jobs

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