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Your car

Still own a gas guzzler?
Sell it or trade it before the price of gasoline goes up and the carbon tax is imposed.

New cars are deeply discounted. Used cars are a bargain. Driving about 10,000 miles per year? Aim for over 25 miles per gallon. Driving more than that? Aim for better fuel economy. Remember, big SUVís will turn into pumpkins when the price of gas goes over $5.00 a gallon.
A good place to start:     Cars & Trucks

JC Whitney Brand
JC Whitney

The making of the next
        energy and economic crisis:

•   Permanent high unemployment.
•   New taxes on health insurance.
•   Mandated health insurance & fines.
•   "carbon" taxes on fossil fuels.
•   Pelosi "value added" tax.
•   Staggering deficits & inflation
•   No new off-shore oil or gas wells.
•   No new nuclear power plants.
•   Windmills incompatible with power grid.
•   Ultra expensive solar power.
•   Rising OPEC oil prices.

Unbridled government spending without corresponding revenue has driven the deficit to unsustainable levels. To keep on spending the Fed keeps on printing and the value of the dollar keeps declining. To stop inflation the government would have to institute austerity measures but politically that is unacceptable...

Be Prepared

Alternate Energy

Alternate energy sources are troublesome and expensive. While they are not economical to install today it will be to late when blackouts become commonplace.
When considering alternate energy, think small and think basic. Large emergency generators will be useless when you canít get fuel.
Consider solar, wind and batteries to power camper sized appliances.       See energy

Be Prepared

Your Job

Have a resume ready. Be prepared to move on.
You may be working for a great company but what will happen when energy prices skyrocket or the government starts regulating your industry? Will your company survive?
Invest in yourself. Learn a new language or a new career.

Security and Self-Defense

During the 1973 oil crisis gasoline was a precious commodity. Locking gas caps became a must and it was not uncommon to see police guarding gas stations or armed gas station owners
While we may not end up with serious shortages we do expect oil and gasoline to become a very expensive commodity.
Expensive commodities invite theft and crime. Be prepared. Be secure


Follow the money but be careful!

Wind and solar energy seem like a great investment, but, companies still have to make a profit and that may be years away.
New taxes may temporarily curb oil and gas use.
Watch the growth countries "BRIC": Brazil, Russia, India and China. These countries are investing in real energy and will end up with most of the industrial production we will loose.

Do your own research. You cannot rely on financial VP's who get paid a commission on every trade.

Do your own trading. The market will be volatile. Invest less in new companies and be ready to invest more often.

Open an internet account in a company such as TradeKing

For two years running (August 2006 & 2007), SmartMoney (the Wall Street Journal Magazine) rated TradeKing the #1 Discount Broker in its annual Broker Survey of US brokers.

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