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Invest in Mexico

Today, Mexico with the new changes of government has promoted the development and growth potential of the country to become a prosperous region , invites create business opportunities and leverage models safe investment for companies, industries and institutions.

Some reasons why Mexico is a leading country in the world

- Privileged geographical location , is located between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans . The country is considered as the gateway to both North America and Latin America .

- Mexico is the 14th largest in the world and second in Latin America economy. - 14th largest in the world Territory.

- Concentra rule of law and institutional framework , which provides trust and investment security .

- Has soundness and economic stability.

- It has a wide network of Free Trade Agreements ( FTAs) with 44 countries, connecting it to a global market of over one billion consumers .

- An important infrastructure network in communication and transportation services .

- Is a manufacturing power , 80 % of exports are manufacturing .

- Mexico is opening new opportunities for growth , with the education , energy and hydrocarbon laws .

- It's a country that invests in growth and economic development , to become a technological , manufacturing , industrial, and excellent quality of life leader.

Mexico is not only one of the most attractive investment destinations in Latin America, and is one of the best investment locations worldwide .

Oil and gas Mexico

Reforms are coming to the Mexican oil and gas industry will now open up the That industry to Investment Opportunities by international players. With up to 600 trillion cubic feet of shale reserves, Mexico has approximately 10% of the world's shale resources - resources that Could see significant development with current Reforms. And, Mexico's offshore drilling - Already expanding in recent years - is Predicted to see significant development post-reform.

Mexico's recent energy minister, Jordy Herrera, has Stated That I Expects shale oil and gas resources to Attract 7-10 billion dollars a year in investment.

With these changes, Mexico becomes the best option to invest in the world


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