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Conventional & Alternative Energy

We have the largest known coal deposits in the world. At the present time it provides over half of the electrical energy in the U.S. Efforts to build 30 new coal fired power plants have been halted by environmentalists.

energy is carbon free, reliable and contrary to public opinion economical. 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. supply 20% of our energy. About 15 more were in the planning stage. 100 new plants were proposed in the 1970's. Nuclear plus coal and gas could bring us closer to energy independence.
From President Obama's original energy plan: "Safe and Secure Nuclear Energy: Nuclear power represents more than 70 percent of our noncarbon generated electricity. It is unlikely that we can meet our aggressive climate goals if we eliminate nuclear power from the table." source

see also: Thorium fueled uclear reactors

We can increase the fuel economy of our cars, downsize, build electric cars and drive less but we still need gasoline for older cars, trucks, planes and heavy equipment. Plus, we need oil for factories, heat, and by product from lubricants to plastics and petroleun jelly..

Natural gas.
U.S. proved natural gas reserves have increased for the last eight years, and in 10 of the last 11 years. Recent drilling trends indicate continued growth, with a stronger concentration on unconventional resources like shales. Shale formations are widely distributed, large, and contain huge resources of natural gas. They are just starting their full development. Production has increased by 9% between first-quarter 2007 and first-quarter 2008.

By far the most reliable, economical (cheap) source of power. Numerous secondary advantages as resulting lakes can be used for irrigation and recreation.

Relatively expensive and not always reliable. Requires backup power running 24/7. Environmentalist and neighborhoods have halted many planned wind turbines.

Solar technology has advanced and solar panels are now less expensive and provide more power per square foot, but at $40,000 to $50,000 to convert a house, solar power is still not affordable.

Renewable fuels,
ethanol and bio fuels

Need energy to grow and harvest the crop. Uses more energy and water to convert the crop to fuel. Nuclear energy could make alternate fuels feasible and economical. New patents and processes for biofuels are promising.

Blog for discussing oil, biodiesel & fuel production from algae.

September 1, 2009 -- US Patent Office
System and method for the manufacture of fuel
Patent Office: United States of America Patent and Trademark Office. Granted Patents (USPTO)   
A method and system is provided relating to the production of ethanol or other renewable bio-fuels on a mass, large scale basis while maintaining a positive energy balance.   more

July 26, 2009 Americas Power
Solar farming:
A photobioreactor houses photosynthetic microorganisms that use the energy in sunlight to make fuel and other chemicals from carbon dioxide and water. Credit: Joule Biotechnologies more
1947 "People are starving and Americans feed corn to pigs"
2012 "Pepole are starving and Americans use corn for fuel"

The Great Global Warming Scam:
Jun 2011 -- Earth may be headed into mini Ice Age
Apr. 2011 -- NASA: warming trends caused by sun
Oct. 2010 -- Hal Lewis: Global Warming is a Scam
Oct. 2010 -- CA finds 340% diesel pollution error
Aug. 2010 -- InterAcademy Council investigation
Aug. 2010 -- "nations could be wasting billions"
Feb. 2010 -- Jones: "no global warming since 1995"
Feb. 2010 -- China: problems with IPCC documents.
Jan. 2010 -- Himalayan glaciers are not melting.
Dec. 2009 -- Gore: (email) "was from 10 years ago"
2009 -- Carbon Markets are a Sham
2009 -- The Infamous HARRY_READ_ME file
March 2009 -- EPA supresses CEI critique
2009 -- East Anglia's Climatic Research fraud
2007 -- Holdren "Global warming is a misnomer,"
2007 -- NASA's Goddard calculation errors
2003 -- The Mann/NOA IPCC Hockey Stick Hoax
-18000 -- Mile high Hudson Valley glaciers retreat

U.S. Ethanol Subsidies: A Bad Policy That Refuses to Die
December 27, 2010 -- Ed Dolan -- Seeking Alpha
U.S. corn farmers and ethanol distillers are among those celebrating passage of last week’s tax bill. A little-noticed provision of the law extends ethanol tax credits ($.45 per gallon, plus a bonus for small producers) and tariffs on ethanol imports ($.54 per gallon), previously set to expire at the end of 2010. Should the rest of us also celebrate? I think not.
U.S. ethanol policy contradicts every principle of sound economics. It encourages use of fuels whose opportunity costs are high while discouraging use of those whose costs are low. It promotes trade flows that run opposite to comparative advantage. It creates new market failures instead of correcting those that already exist. article

America’s Oil and
Natural Gas Industry
The Facts About Oil Industry Mergers, Market Power and Fuel Prices

The oil and natural gas industry recognizes the concerns across the country over the higher energy costs American consumers and businesses have been facing this year. It is also aware of the assertion that the consolidation that has occurred in the industry over the last decade has led to higher energy prices.
This API primer attempts to address those concerns and offers the proper context in which to view both energy prices and company mergers.

Hydrogen for Canada
Sept. 3, 2008
New process extracts pure hydrogen from contaminant in unrefined oil A commercial-scale process to extract and reuse pure hydrogen from the hydrogen sulfide that naturally contaminates unrefined oil, including oil sands, is one step closer to reality thanks to a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc. of Kingston, Ontario. more

Nuclear Power for Galena
Galena Alaska is a small Indian village 550 miles northwest of Anchorage.
Winter temperatures can go to - 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Electric power is supplied by diesel generators.

Galena has been exploring alternate energy sources but there is not enough wind and winter days are short making solar impossible. The obvious answer was nuclear.
In 2004 Toshiba offered Galena a free nuclear reactor. Toshiba's 4S 10-megawatt, sodium-cooled fast spectrum reactor. If regulatory approval goes well, the reactor should be operational by 2010.

Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends.

"Public Information and Outreach in Galena, Alaska," Prepared by Shaw Pittman LLC., Washington, D.C.,

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