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Your cars and Trucks

OPEC countries must raise oil prices to survive.

Democrats and Republicans are ready to impose a carbon tax on all fuels.

Punitive taxes on gas guzzlers are being considered.

Still own a gas guzzler? Sell it or trade it.

New cars are deeply discounted. Small used cars are a bargain. Driving about 10,000 miles per year? Aim for over 25 miles per gallon. Driving more than that? Aim for better fuel economy. Remember, big SUVís will turn into pumpkins when the price of gas goes over $5.00 a gallon.

JC Whitney Brand
JC Whitney

U.S. Cavalry
U.S. Cavalry

Personal, Home & Auto Security

Travel Securely
Have your vehicle ready go at a moments notice. Equipment such as jacks, jumper cables, tire repair kit, air pump, lights, etc. must be in your vehicles at all times

JC Whitney
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JC Whitney Brand

U.S. Cavalry
The ultimate security gear and information source. Quality military, police and outdoor gear that will meet your mission needs. Over 100 name brand products that security professionals know and trust, such as 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, Armorshield and Under Armour.

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